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What is Optical RFID?

◇ Optical RFID is a new technology that solves the problem of Stray Reading of existing UHF RFID. As ‘Optical’ implies, ‘Optical RFID’ reads the tags using optical signals, so that only the desired tags can be read correctly. ‘Stray Reading’ means that unwanted tags respond when there are many tags around. In smart manufacturing, this stray reading problem has been the biggest obstacle to applying UHF RFID technology. IDRO’s new Optical RFID technology enables error-free smart factories to be implemented in smart manufacturing.

IDRO UHF RFID Tag Chip – Glowfly Tag Chip

– No Stray-Reading Problem
– Intuitive tag selection function using LED light
– Supporting ISO/IEC 18000-63 (EPC C1 G2)
– Supporting Optical RFID function
– Supporting Full passive RFID and Optical RFID operation
◈ Technology: 0.18um CMOS process
◈ Internal clock: 2.56MHz
◈ Memory size: 688bit NVM
◈ Chip size: 1626x1079um
◈ Read Sensitivity: -18dBm (Battery assisted)
◈ Reading range: under 2m (Full passive)
◈ Switch standby current: 10uA under
◈ 128bits EPC Memory
◈ 32-bit Kill password and 32-bit access password
◈ TID : 48bits
◈ User Memory: 688 bits
◈ Special Command for Optical RFID Operation
◈ Light Voltage (Minimum 50mV)
◈ Operation temperature: -40°C to +85°C

VRID System Component

◇ Glowfly RFID Reader supports ISO 18000-63 as well as Optical RFID function. Customers using the Glowfly Reader are able to read common RFID tags and, if necessary, use optical RFID functions, which is very useful.
◇ Glowfly RFID tags also support ISO 18000-63 as well as Optical RFID functionality.


◇ In Conveyor applications, Optical RFID System provides the best results. Unlike conventional RFID, optical RFID can accurately read tags in front of the antenna without interference from adjacent tags.
◇ Optical RFID systems can be used for process automation to achieve the best results. For example, if you have multiple RFID reader antennas installed in one device, you can read the desired tag precisely without interfering adjacent tags. Being able to read tags without errors will greatly improve ROI.
◇ Using optical RFID in Vehicle manufacturing will be very useful for preventing mis-insertion of automobile parts.
◇ In Access Control, Optical RFID will be more useful for more secure access control and access control for restricted areas.

Use Case

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