RFID book management solution

Product / Service Classification

◾ Service (Education)

main function

◾ Book Auto Loan / Return System

Features and Benefits

설치 You can manage the lending and returning automatically by inserting the RFID reader module in the library and attaching the RFID tag to the books you own and recognizing the tagged books at the gate at the time of borrowing and returning books.
– Library management using UHF band from the entrance gate to identify users to unmanned book lending machines
– Handheld RFID reader enables real-time inventory identification, making book management easy

Application Fields and Performance

절감 Reduces time and money by building an unmanned book lending / returning system using tags attached to loan books and unmanned lending machines, enabling accurate and quick lending / returning
– Conventional barcode recognition cannot be processed quickly (each recognition) -> Faster loan/return service is possible by processing the loan book at once using an RFID reader

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