RFID Parking Management Solution

Product / Service Classification

◾ Service (Construction / Facility Management)

main function

◾ Parking management RFID solution

Features and Benefits

◾ A solution that allows access to the parking lot only to vehicles with RFID cards by distributing RFID cards to residents after installing'IDRO900EAS', an antenna-embedded RFID reader at the entrance to the parking lot.
제한 Parking facilities for non-residents are provided to provide parking facilities for residents.

Product Photos
Application Fields and Performance

주차 By using RFID to manage parking and vehicles, it is possible to build high level security system without error in tag security memory.
◾ Automated system can analyze vehicle and parking pattern.
도입 By introducing parking management system using UHF RFID in areas requiring parking management, it is easy to control and access the vehicle in real time, and security problems can be solved.

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