Conveyor application solution using RFID

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main function

B BIN conveying system using conveyor of semiconductor factory etc.
전달 Transfer the goods to the desired route on the conveyor
◾ Using long-distance RFID technology, accurate identification of target tags without false tag recognition

Features and Benefits

RFID RFID tags attached to articles moving on the conveyor can be read without interference within 1m range
◾ Intuitive tag recognition function allows you to select and read only desired tags
◾ High-performance products with excellent tag recognition distance and speed
◾ High Performance Anti-Collusion Performance
작 Small size and easy to install with mono-static antenna
◾ Firmware upgrades make it easy to implement versions with added protocol and performance improvements

Product Photos
Application Fields and Performance

◾ Global Semiconductor Company Conveyor Application Solution
◾ RFID apparel outfitting and inventory management solution
다수 RFID manufacturing process automation solution etc.

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