Slope wireless charger


  • Smartphone wireless charging
  • Wireless charging for other magnetic induction products

1. The slope wireless charger will charge when you put it on without care.
2. Supports high-speed wireless charging of Samsung Android phone.
3. IPhone wireless charging support. (IPhone 8, 8 +, X)
4. 3-coil wireless charger.
5. Both USB Type-C and micro USB connectors are supported.
6. Give your Grandpa grandfather, who has difficulty in plugging in the charging line all of a sudden, with a reduced vision, present "Easy" to be charged if you put it anywhere in the house!


Method of Charging: Magnetic induction method (WPC standard)
Input Power: DC 5V / 2A or DC 9V / 1.67A
Output Power: Maximum 9W [9V, 1A]
Frequency: 110 to 205 kHz
Physical Dimension: 102 X X NUM X X X NUM X mm & lt; 3 & gt; (L x W x H)
Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ + 55 ℃
Weight: 160g

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