UHF 4 Channel Visible Light RFID Reader (IDRO900V)


  • Factory Automation Control
  • Conveyor application
  • Clothing Factory Automation
  • Semiconductor Process Automation
  • Item Management / Asset Tracking
  • Vehicle Security
  • Access control


Fixed type 4-channel Visible RFID Reader has the function to read only the desired tag by using Visible beams. This function is a technology invented by IDRO, and it is a function to intuitively select and read a tag by shining light on the tag to be read. This technique is particularly useful when you want to read only one tag you want when there are multiple tags adjacent to each other.

In the conventional RFID technology, when a plurality of tags are positioned adjacent to each other, unwanted adjacent tags may be read, resulting in a system error. This is one of the major disadvantages of the existing RFID technology. In order to reduce these errors, the conventional RFID system requires very complicated and time-consuming operations such as very precise power control and shielding installation.

However, Visible RFID technology with ID is a solution to this problem.

It is a system that can solve this problem by simply shining a light on the desired tag. This function is particularly useful in process management, kenveer applications, and facility management. In such applications, using Visible RFID technology instead of using the existing RFID technology can dramatically reduce system errors caused by the recognition of unwanted adjacent tags.

The IDRO Visible RFID Reader also supports the existing ISO 18000-63 / EPC Gen2, so you can select the functions you want.



860MHz to 960MHz (Adjustable)

Host Communication

Ethernet: 10 / 100Mbps, RS232C: 115.2 Kbps

8 GPIO pins / 4 LED Comm. ports

Physical Dimension

Length: 215.0mm (8.46 inches)

Width: 147.0mm (4.96 inches)

Height: 49.0mm (1.93 inches)

Weight: <1030 g (36 oz)


Storage Temperature: -20 ° C to 70 ° C

Operating Temperature: -20 ° C to 50 ° C

Regulatory Support

FCC 15.247, ETSI EN 302-208 (CE), KCC (Korea), SRRC (China), RoHS

Planned *: TELEC (Japan)

Air Interface Protocols

EPC C1G2 / ISO 18000-63 / Visible RFID


ARM9 Processor, Linux 2.6, 32 Mbytes RAM, 64 Mbytes Flash

RF Output Power

Adjustable 5-30 dBm with 1 dB steps, Power Accuracy: ± 0.5 dBm

General Purpose Inputs / Outputs

4 inputs, 4 outputs;

Optically isolated (Terminal Block)

Supply Voltage

+ 12.0 VDC

Hardware Connection

RS232C (DB-9F), LAN TCP / IP (RJ-45)

Read Performance

Read range up to 12 meters for a single tag.
Anti-collision performance up to 800 tags / second

'Visible light RFID system ' How was it born?

The reason behind the development of the Visible RFID System, which can read only the tags you want using LED or laser lights, was due to the following experiences.
We mainly tested in the office to test the performance of the RFID readers developed by the developers.
Usually, one tag was used to test the recognition distance. By the way, when I put one tag on the office wall and read it, many different tag IDs were read by the reader. The reason was that the tag was hidden somewhere around, and an unwanted tag was read.
In this case, I used to find the surrounding tags one by one, remove them, and test them, or move them to another place where there was no other tag, and this was very annoying. This experience would have been experienced by many RFID developers and users at least once.
At that time, we were also interested in a new technology called visible light communication, but one day suddenly, I wondered if combining visible light communication and RFID would create an interesting system.
As a result, the current visible-light RFID system was born by introducing the characteristics of intuitively pointing objects such as flashlights and laser pointers into RFID technology. This visible light RFID system is a solution that can solve one (electronic) of the two problems of the existing RFID technology (the problem of reading unwanted tags, the problem that the tag recognition rate is less than 100%). I am very proud.
Since the range in which light is illuminated is the tag recognition range, the recognition range can be easily adjusted using a lens.
This feature is convinced that it will be able to greatly improve the error of the process management system and shorten the installation time by solving the complicated installation and tuning problems that have been a problem in the existing RFID process management.

What is Visible RFID?

◇ Visible RFID is a new technology that solves the Stray Reading problem of the existing UHF RFID. As'Visible' means,'Visible RFID' uses Visible signals to read tags, so only the desired tags can be read accurately. 'Stray Reading' means a problem in which unwanted tags respond when there are many tags around. In the field of smart manufacturing, this Stray Reading problem has been the biggest obstacle when applying UHF RFID technology. IDRO has made it possible to realize an error-free smart factory in smart manufacturing with the new Visible RFID technology.

VRID System Component

◇ Glowfly RFID Reader supports ISO 18000-63 as well as Visible RFID function. Therefore, customers using Glowfly Reader can read common RFID tags and also use Visible RFID if necessary, which is very useful.
◇ Glowfly RFID tag supports ISO 18000-63 as well as Visible RFID function.
◇ Glowfly RFID tags also support ISO 18000-63 as well as Visible RFID functionality.


◇ Visible RFID System can be used in conveyor applications to get the best results. Unlike conventional RFID, Visible RFID can accurately read tags in front of antennas without interference from adjacent tags.
◇ Using Visible RFID System for process automation gives the best results. For example, if you have multiple RFID reader antennas installed in one device, you can read the desired tag precisely without interfering adjacent tags. Being able to read tags without errors will greatly improve ROI.
◇ If you use Visible RFID in automobile manufacturing, it will be very useful for prevention of mis-insertion of automobile parts.
◇ In access control, Visible RFID will be more useful for more secure access control and access control for restricted area.

UHF RFID reader, Visible light RFID system
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