Visible light RFID tag


  • Smart factory
  • Conveyor application
  • Semiconductor Process Automation
  • Item Management / Asset Tracking
  • Access control


Since IDRO's Visible RFID (or Optical RFID, or Optical Augmented RFID) tag operates by receiving visible light, only the desired tag can be intuitively designated and read or written using LED light or laser. There is. Of course, you can also select multiple desired tag groups with intuitive lights. In other words, you can adjust the tag recognition range by adjusting the LED light range.

IDLE's Visible RFID tag operates without batteries and is suitable for more important process management, conveyor application, and important facility management.

'Visible light RFID system ' How was it born?

This is because we had the following experiences behind the development of the Visible RFID System that can read only the tags you want using LED or laser lights. We mainly tested in the office to test the performance of the RFID readers developed by the developers.

Usually, one tag was used to test the recognition distance. However, when reading one tag on the wall of the office, many different tag IDs were read by the reader. The reason was that the tag was hidden somewhere around, so an unwanted tag was read. In this case, I used to find and test the surrounding tags one by one, or move them to another place where other tags might not exist, which was very annoying. This experience will have been experienced by many RFID developers and users at least once.

At that time, we had a lot of interest in the new technology called Visible light communication. One day, I thought that if we combine visible light communication with RFID, a fun system would be created. As a result, we introduced RFID technology to intuitively point objects, such as flashlights and laser pointers, to create the current visible light RFID system. This visible RFID system is a solution that can solve one of the two problems (unwanted tag reading, tag recognition rate is not 100%) of existing RFID technology. I have confidence that it is very useful.

Since the light range is the tag recognition range, you can easily adjust the recognition range using the lens. This feature can solve complex installation and tuning problems that have been a problem in the existing RFID process management, greatly improving errors in the process management system, and greatly reducing installation time.

What is Visible RFID?

◇ Visible RFID is a new technology that solves the Stray Reading problem of the existing UHF RFID. As'Visible' means,'Visible RFID' uses Visible signals to read tags, so only the desired tags can be read accurately. 'Stray Reading' means a problem in which unwanted tags respond when there are many tags around. In the field of smart manufacturing, this Stray Reading problem has been the biggest obstacle when applying UHF RFID technology. IDRO has made it possible to realize an error-free smart factory in smart manufacturing with the new Visible RFID technology.

Visible RFID system components

◇ Glowfly RFID Reader supports ISO 18000-63 (ISO 18000-6C) as well as Visible RFID function. Therefore, customers who use Glowfly Reader can read general RFID tags and, if necessary, can use Visible RFID functions, which is very useful.
◇ Glowfly RFID tag also supports ISO 18000-63 (ISO 18000-6C) as well as Visible RFID function.


◇ The best results can be achieved with the Visible RFID system in conveyor applications. Unlike general RFID, Visible RFID can accurately read tags in front of the antenna without interference with adjacent tags.
◇ The best results can be obtained by using the Visible RFID system for process automation. For example, if multiple RFID Reader antennas are installed in one device to read a tag, you can read the desired tag accurately without interference with adjacent tags. Being able to read tags without errors will greatly improve ROI.
◇ When using Visible RFID in automobile manufacturing, it will be very useful to prevent mis-insertion of automobile parts.
◇ In Access Control, Visible RFID will be more useful for safer access control and management of the number of people in restricted areas. In addition, general RFID and visible light RFID can be used in parallel.

Visible light RFID system
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