Company History

Past and present of IDRO Co., Ltd.
IDRO Corporation (IDRO) History
2022. 1 Completed the new headquarters building of IDRO Co., Ltd., Jiphyeon-dong, Sejong Special Self-Governing City
2021. 6 Developed high-performance reader module (IDRO710ME) based on Impinj E710
2020.3 Development and delivery of RFID readers for childcare centers nationwide
2019.12 'Hybrid Optical-RF Tag Based Application Service for Wireless Identification – Part 1: Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Object Identification Management)', TTAK.KO-1-part10.1157, Korea TTA standard establishment
2019.12 'Hybrid Optical-RF Tag Based Application Service for Wireless Identification - Part2 : Robot Object Identification Technology', TTAK.KO-2-part10.1157 , Korea TTA standard establishment
2018. 12 'Hybrid Optical-RF ID Message Transmission Structure with Interrogator Delimiter', TTAK.KO-10.1080, Korean TTA standard enacted
2018. 11 Awarded the grand prize in the technology sector for small and medium-sized enterprises in Suwon (CEO Kang Yang-ki)
2018. 06 Global RFID Enabling Technology Leadership Award, Frost & Sullivan
2018. 06 Headquarter Optical RFID Tag and Basestation 2 OCF International Standards adopted
2018. 02 slope high-speed wireless charger released
2017. 12 Visible RFID System Main contents Korea TTA standard adopted
Developed 2017.04 Visible RFID tag chip
2016.11 Passive IoT VRID Tag Chip Fab-In (Fab-out Estimated date: 2017. Q1)
2016.11 Launches Handheld Barcode / RFID Reader (1D / 2D Barcode, UHF RFID)
Obtained US patent for 2016.02 (Vehicle distance measuring device and method)
2015.12 Selected as a foreign invested company by KOTRA
2015.10 RFID reader module acquired FCC certification (IDRO900MI)
Obtained US patent for 2015.03 (OLED display for visible light communication
Participated in 2015.02 G-Fair India 2015 exhibition
Obtained CE certification for 2015.02 RFID reader module (IDRO900MI)
Obtained patent for 2015.01 (Identification method using display device for visible light communication
2014.10 RFID reader module acquired KC certification (IDRO900MI)
2014.10 acquired China patent (backscattering RFID system)
2014.07 Integrated antenna reader KC certification (IDRO900EAS)
Obtained patent of 2014.07 (Interactive location information system using visible light communication)
Acquired patent for 2014.05 (parking position information system using visible light communication)
Participated in 2014.05 G-Fair India 2014 exhibition
2014.05 High-performance 4 channel reader acquired CE certification (IDRO900V)
Patented 2014.04 (OLED display for visible light communication)
Participated in 2014.04 RFID Journal Live 2014 Exhibition
Patented 2014.03 (Visible light communication method using OLED display)
Acquired patent for 2014.01 (Vehicle travel distance detector and its detection method)
Participated in 2013.10 RFID / USN 2013 exhibition
Obtained patent for 2013.07 (danger warning system)
Participated in 2013.06 RFID Journal Live 2013 Exhibition
Acquired patent for 2013.05 (Vehicle travel distance detection device using visible light)
2013.02 Patent Acquisition (Mobile RFID Service Agent Device and Method for RFID Information Processing of Mobile Communication Terminal)
Acquired patent for 2013.02 (RFID tag and RFID server authentication method)
Obtained patent of 2013.02 (Method and apparatus for removing transmission leakage signal using time period)
Obtained patent for 2013.01 (toilet guide system for the visually impaired)
Participated in 2012.09 RFID / USN 2012 exhibition
Obtained patent for 2012.06 (RFID tag with visible light player height value)
Participated in 2011.11 RFID / USN 2011 exhibition
2011.04 United States patent application (visible light multiplex communication system)
2011.03 Patent application for US / Europe / China (backscattering RFID system)
2011.01 host library development for Android
2010.05 Establishes Visible RFID System at IDRO Research Center
2010.04 RFID Demo Program Development (Reader @ Express Host Library SDK)
Developed 2010.01 UHF Semi-Active Visible Light RFID Tag
2009.11 reader module certification (FCC)
Obtained 2009.11 fixed RFID reader certification (CE, FCC, KCC)
Acquired patent for 2009.10 (Visible light communication system)
2009.10 Integrated antenna reader certification (KCC)
Obtained patent for 2009.09 (backscattering RFID communication system)
2009.02 KIBO Technology Funded Venture Company
2008.11 Selected as an organizational company for “Active (semi) RFID integrated development environment purchase” by RFID / USN Center
Designated 2008.10 Founding Mentor Project Business
Established as IDN Co., Ltd.
Moved to 2008.08 Gyeonggi Small Business Center
IDRO Corporation (IDRO) Major Achievements
– STMicroElectronicsRFID automation system equipment supply
– Samsung Electronics smart phone RFID jig management system equipment supply
– Supplied portable RFID reader module to Korea Customs Service liquor management system
– POSCO portable RFID reader module supply
– Supplied portable RFID reader module to Hyundai Heavy Industries
– SKT, KT school security service RFID reader supply
– Supplying RFID readers for parking management of apartments and parking lots nationwide
– Supply of semi-active RFID tags and readers to the Public Procurement Service (RFID/USN Center)
– Supplied bus refueling aid RFID system RFID reader
– Everland tableware management system RFID reader supply
– Clothing shipment and production inspection line
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