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IDentification with Radio and Optical Greeting from CEO

IDRO (IDRO), a company that gives happiness to customers,

Dear Customers?

IDRO, a company that presents happiness to you
We are now living in a super - connected age where people, things, things and things are connected, beyond the age of man and man.
In order for objects and objects to communicate, they must be able to distinguish things.
IDRO specializes in object recognition (RFID), one of the most basic technologies for distinguishing between objects.
In particular, the'visible RFID' (Visible RFID or Optical RFID) technology invented by us is recognized as an innovative technology in the fields of manufacturing, distribution logistics, home & building, security, lighting, etc. by supplementing the shortcomings of general RFID technology.
In addition, IDRO is charging you happiness with Slope wireless charger that combines 'technology and idea' in wireless charging technology that operates on the same principle as RFID technology and provides innovative convenience to life.
IDRO will provide happiness to customers with wireless communication technology and ICT technology such as RFID, visible light communication, and wireless charging technology.
We hope that you will be happy with our products and have the opportunity to solve problems in cooperation with IDRO.

CEO, Inc. by ID

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