UHF RFID Bluetooth Reader (Shark)


  • Factory Automation Control
  • Conveyor application
  • Semiconductor Process Automation
  • Item Management / Asset Tracking
  • Vehicle Security
  • Access control


SHARK scanners provide enterprise UHF RFID and 1D/2D/QR barcode scanning technology when you need it, anytime, anywhere, easily, conveniently and cost-effectively. You can connect the mobile terminal and SHARK using Bluetooth4.0 & USB. You can use the RFID + barcode reader with one hand, and you will be greatly satisfied with the amazing style-convenience-flexibility-performance-battery life and more.

Physical Specifications

Gun-type Physical dimensions: 130mm (H) x 80mm (W) x 220mm (L)
Weight: RFID only-330g / barcode only-330g / RFID + barcode-380g
Battery: Gun – 2,600mAh (rechargeable) / Body – 3,000mAh (rechargeable)
Offered shape: RFID alone, bar code alone, RFID and bar code
Display notifications: Vibrator, LED, buzzer
LED status: charge / data / bluetooth display status

RFID performance

International standard: ISO 18000-63 (EPC C1G2)
RFID Engine: Impinj R2000
Frequency: 860 - 960MHz (Customizable)
Recognition rate: 150 + tags / sec
Recognition distance: 5 ~ 6m (Multi tag) / 20 + ft.
RF output: Adjustable from 5 to 30dBm (1watt) / 1dB intervals
Data storage capacity: RFID – Store 30,000+ / Barcode – Store 70,000+


Falling Specification: 1.5m drops to concrete
Operating temperature: -10 ℃ to 60 ℃
Storage temperature: -30 ℃ to 80 ℃
Humidity: 5 to 70% non-condensing
Sealing: IP52
ESD: ± 15kV air discharge / ± 8kV direct discharge


Bluetooth: Bluetooth version 4.0
UBS: USB 2.0 Virtual com port
HID: Keyboard Edge Mode
Connection with smartphone: USB or Bluetooth4.0

Barcode performance

Barcode Engine: MOTORORA SE4710 (2D Imager)
Scan: 1D / 2D / QR Code


Interface: Micro-USB (Purpose of charging HID communication and smartphone)
Charger: Wireless charging cradle

Android Demo Program

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