Visible light RFID system

Visible RFID System

Visible light RFID is a new technology to solve the problem of stray reading of existing UHF RFID. As 'visible light' implies, 'visible light RFID' reads the tag using the optical signal, so that only the desired tag can be read correctly. 'Stray Reading' means that unwanted tags respond when there are many tags around. In smart manufacturing, this stray reading problem has been the biggest obstacle to applying UHF RFID technology. IDRO has enabled the creation of error-free smart factories in smart manufacturing with the new Optical RFID technology.

UHF RFID system

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology

The IDRO is a fixed type RFID reader, an RFID reader module, an integrated RFID reader, a USB RFID reader, a Bluetooth RFID reader and a handheld RFID reader ) Are provided. We also provide various RFID tags. IDRO ensures maximum performance and operational stability.

A general description of RFID is: RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is a technology that uses radio waves to recognize information from a long distance. RFID tags (hereinafter referred to as tags) and RFID readers (hereinafter referred to as readers) are required. The tag consists of an antenna and an integrated circuit that records information in an integrated circuit and sends information to the reader via the antenna.

IDRO Wireless Charger

Inductive charging

Inductive charging refers to the method of charging the device by wirelessly sending power through the air instead of charging the device by transferring power to the existing wire. Wireless charging methods include magnetic induction, magnetic resonance, and electromagnetic wave. Currently, Samsung's Galaxy 6, 7, 8 series and Apple's iPhone 8 and X series are using magnetic induction. IDRO manufactures and sells magnetic induction slope wireless chargers and pokemon wireless chargers.

IDRO Corporation (IDRO) has a specialized solution to read only the desired tag using LED beam.
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